Photographer Debbie Rasiel’s Picturing Autism, on view at SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery through June 21, presents a collective portrait of the faces, families and global communities impacted by autism.  The exhibition reflects her search to understand what autism looks like across language barriers and cultural divides. Over the course of two years, Rasiel traveled across disparate landscapes to make connections, garner trust, and gain access to photograph intimate moments. From the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Cuzco, Peru, Astoria, Queens to Jakarta, East Harlem to Akureyri, Iceland, Alpine New Jersey to Oaxaca, Mexico, Rasiel seeks to highlight the shared physical manifestations of autism against a backdrop of poignant individuality.

Exhibition – 05.27 ~ 06.21 2014

10 Striking Photos That Capture What Autism Looks Like Around The World

The Huffington Post | By Mandy Velez – Photographer Debbie Rasiel spent two years taking pictures of children with autism spectrum disorders all over the world. She discovered that “while living conditions, resources and treatment vary by region, autism presents the same.” Mother to a 23-year-old with autism, the New York-based documentary photographer started her project because of a desire to bridge the gap between two of the things she’s most familiar with: autism and art. “I wanted to offer those not familiar with autism an opportunity to see what autism looks like, a safe space where social mores would not prevent them from staring,” Rasiel told The Huffington Post. Her project, titled “Picturing Autism,” was recently exhibited at the SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery in Manhattan. The stunning photos of children with ASD from areas of New...